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Naturally, I completely forgot to upload the backgrounds for my microshort… even though they’ve been ready and waiting for over a week now. I’m pretty happy how they turned out, but with so little time to go, I fear I won’t be able to get the animation coloured to match. Steve suggested doing a wash of colour over the top of the animation, but it makes the characters look lost in the background so much, that I had to discard the idea. There is only a couple of days left, so I am working vigourously, which also means that my RSI+carpal tunnel is back with a vengeance… hopefully it’ll ease over the summer after some rest though.


After the rough crit on Wednesday, I have finished keyframing the entire film! The length came up to 1 minute 2 seconds, which will probably be longer with the title and credits… A couple of changes have been made, added a bit more acting to describe the characters and strengthen the story, and changed the layout of the end scene a bit. I am not too sure on how well it works, and it may not need to be flipped horizontally to avoid “crossing the line” too much. Unfortunately, the most impacful view there is side-on, so it is a decision on how I want to turn the camera, since the previous shot of the two characters together is an over-the-shoulder look. Anyway, here it is:


Second Animatic

An updated animatic for CholeraRose, addressing the issues of the previous one. The beginning scene was shortened, and two shots cut out completely. Instead, I’ve added in some more exposure for Cholera, hoping that it will build his character more.  The camera turn happens earlier, to help the reveal, althoughI think this made the flow a little bit more bumpy.

Having been looking at it for a long time, I believe the end bit got completely muddled – I think I tried to please too many people at once- so in the next version, that will be cut away almost completely, and replaced with a shot of the dead, and a shot of Mary taking the rose, losing colour and collapsing. The rose will remain at the end as it is now. I will probably also add in a quick side-view shot into the camera turn to make it more obvious.

First Animatic.

This is the first animatic for Cholrera Rose, and surprisingly, with overall positive comments.

There have been some  changes suggested to the beginning sequence and the end too, to increase the tension and the drama. After having thought about it I think I will need to turn the camera earlier to reveal the trail fo dead bodies to the audience before the main character sees them, and I still need to find a way to tighten the beginning AND give Cholera more character… For next week I will need the neat animatic, with thses changes made, and then it’s on to keyframing shots!

CholeraRose Backgrounds

Cholera_ BG2 Cholera_ street model Cholera_BG1


Bacground lineart for Cholera Rose. I have discovered Google’s Sketchup in a book Steve Roberts recommended for me, and found it incredibly useful! Now I have a 3d box-house-like model of the street my film takes place on, which makes planning scenes a lot easier. I have one and a half of bacgrounds to line after this, and then it’s on to colouring.

Day 28 and Bad News

cholera maid


Started the model sheets for Cholera Rose (this is a working title of the one minute short, and I’m fairly sure it’ll change at least twice before the end) Whilst working on this, a nagging pain I’ve been having recently returned with a vengeance… I’ve attributed it to an old sports injury acting up, until I lost most feeling in my right arm and hand today. Scared, I abandoned the sheets, and went to see the GP, and it turns out I’ve topped old injury with new RSI, and the resulting inflammation caused the numbness in my arm. Fortunately, it’s not too serious. Unfortunately, I’ve been ordered off drawing for a month….